Why is GermBuster better than 

conventional disinfection methods?

Manual contact cleaning is not as effective 

Manual cleaning methods are limited by the reach of the cleaning personnel, bypassing hard to reach areas that can breed bacteria.

furniture disinfection
disinfection that is safe for kids

Did you know?

  • A person comes into contact with 10 million bacteria everyday

  • Hotspots for germs include:

    • Tables, countertop,  chairs, computer keyboards and trackpads, elevator panel, door knobs, stair railings etc.

  • People get sick when the immune system can no longer combat the bacteria that infects them

  • People get sick when there is LACK OF PROPER SANITATION

Did you know?

Viruses, bacteria and germs typically found on surfaces include: 

Infection occurs when you touch your face (mouth, eyes or nose) after touching a contaminated object

disinfection to fight against covid-19

Electrostatic Disinfection

The science behind the technology

The process of applying high pressure air together with a liquid solution that travels through the equipment towards the nozzle. The combination of air and liquid solution is atomized as it passes through an electrode that is charged by the equipment. Electrons are induced on to the droplets as they leave the nozzle with a highly negative charge. The negatively charged droplets are carried by a stream of air following the electrical field of force lines towards the target without losing its charge.


Total Surface Protection

Long lasting protection solution for any surface.

The science behind our solution

Our ProTect Solution provides an Anti microbial barrier that is highly effective against today’s germ threats & has a safety profile that is unequal

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