non-toxic disinfectant for sale in the philippines
non-toxic disinfectant for sale in the philippines

Is a balanced formulation of various antimicrobial agents using Lauryl Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride as its base.

For over 25 years, this disinfectant has been extensively used by our Dept. of Health & Dept. of Agriculture and other distinguished companies and agencies in controlling & preventing various human & animal infectious disease outbreaks.

In concentrated form, it is a highly recommended & fast acting sterilizing/soaking solution that would not rust or have any deleterious effects

on medical instruments & devices.

Diluted with 100 parts water (1:100) it is a high-level surface disinfectant that

destroys a broad spectrum of viruses, fungi, bacteria & spores. It also kills

mosquito larvae and also destroys the food source of flies.

It is also ideal as a sanitizer/deodorizer against droplet or airborne infections. For over two decades MD SDS has no record of product failure, health concerns or pollution to the environment.

At dilutions with 200 parts water (1:200) it has been tested against emerging infectious diseases like the SARS coronavirus & Bird Flu Virus.