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How to Choose a Disinfection Service in Metro Manila

Along with the pandemic is the spring up of disinfection and sanitation industry. Many businesses have expanded or been put up to address this rising need. Here are some few tips in choosing the best disinfection service suitable for your facility.


1. Evaluate on the company’s legitimacy

Undeniably in the middle of crisis, people find to do unfavorable ways. So, learn to:

  • Check reviews

  • Investigate on the company’s online presence through website or social media

  • Ask for an agreement and legal documents for the safety of your property

2. Have knowledge on the equipment and products that they use

Being knowledgeable on the products and equipment that they use would safeguard your safety, and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the disinfection

  • Ask for the MSDS of the disinfectant used

  • See if their equipment provides 100% surface coverage

3. Ask for the maximum downtime of throughout the service’s operation

  • Note on the Ingress and Egress

  • Know the procedure; see if they provide faster process

  • The lower the downtime, the better

4. Assess the cost of disinfection service vs doing it in-house

  • If your facility requires a regular disinfection, would it be cost-effective to have a disinfection equipment that is easy and effective to use for everyone

5. Period contract would be cost effective

  • Examine if you can cut cost when disinfection is being tied-up to them to a certain period of time

6. Date of Disinfection

  • Plot a disinfection date when it won’t affect largely to your business’ operations then choose a disinfection service that can attend to you at any given time

7. Manpower Needed

  • Look into who and how large is the manpower needed relative to your facility’s square area


To give you an idea on a certain disinfection method that is gaining popularity nowadays --the Electrostatic Disinfection provides faster and effective process.

You can avail the disinfection machines itself too—for disinfection ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYONE.

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